Qualified Opportunity Fund

Set up & Management

Qualified Opportunity Fund

Set up & Management

Maximize Your Window of Opportunity

Interested in starting or improving your existing Qualified Opportunity Fund? You came to the right place.

We can help you navigate through complicated regulations, locate opportunity zones within your local market, and determine the ideal structure and fund options for your unique Qualified Opportunity Fund. With out full-service solution, we offer fund organization, and on-going fund management support that includes investor relations, reporting and compliance.

When starting a fund there are many options to take into consideration. Our team has outlined a few of them for you below.

Things to consider when starting your Qualified Opportunity Fund:

  • What regulations and hard timelines do I need to be aware of?
  • Should I diversify my QOF by taking advantage of both real estate and business or startup investments?
  • Do I want to set up a fund that makes a positive and lasting impact on our local community?

Our team of experienced, high-level professionals can help you sort through these options and other criteria and provide you with the Opportunity Fund structure and support that best suits your unique goals and circumstance. By working with Bright Impact you can spend less time on administration and focus on maximizing the opportunity of this program by raising capital and creating returns.

What makes us different?

The Bright Impact Advantage

Bright Impact is 100% focused on helping investors, communities and businesses leverage the Opportunity Zones.  Unlike other firms, our specialization, focus and commitment enables us to help you create a Qualified Opportunity Fund that best matches your goals.

Our fund manager solutions are designed to:

  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Timely & clear investor financial reporting
  • Enhanced communication with investors
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Overcome reporting challenges
  • Follow fund management best practices
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Securely maintain investor information

Our Fund Management Services

Fund Planning & Launch
  • Fund plans and planning
  • Fund documents
  • Education & training
  • Marketing solutions
  • Website and online property creation and maintenance
  • Capital raising administration
Fund Management & Reporting
  • Fund administration
  • Opportunity Zone compliance
  • Outsourced fund administration
  • Finance and accounting services
  • Back office functions
  • Audit and tax liaison
  • Community impact reporting
  • Capital tracking
Investor Relations
  • Investor database maintenance
  • Investor reporting and communications
  • Client portal
  • Prepare investor financials, capital statements and net asset value statements
  • Capital call and distribution calculations
  • Calculate preferred returns and other calculations and allocations

Want to start your own Qualified Opportunity Fund? We can help.

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