About Bright Impact

About Bright Impact

Opportunity Zone solutions for investors, communities and businesses.

Bright Impact combines investment and management expertise with an integrated suite of products and services focused specifically on Opportunity Zones. We help investors, fund managers and communities understand how best to leverage Opportunity Zones and gain better insight into the returns and impacts of their investments.

Meet our team

Donna Mackenzie, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Donna Lewis Mackenzie is a co-founder and CEO of Bright Impact For the past four years Ms. Mackenzie has served as Executive Director of StarterStudio, a business incubator and accelerator program for technology startups. Ms. Mackenzie has been involved in numerous startups guiding them through idea stage, to initial angel investment, to venture capital series investments. Ms. Mackenzie has been involved in more than $90M in startup and early growth investments. Learn more.

David Brim, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder

David Brim is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Bright Impact. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, where he majored in marketing, David is the only two-time winner of the school’s Joust Business Plan Competition. Brim has founded numerous businesses in Central Florida across industries such as marketing, technology (SaaS & online directories), real estate, and private lending.  Since 2010 he has consulted over 1,000 second stage companies through Economic Gardening, an entrepreneurial approach to economic development focused on growing communities from within. Learn more

Paul Saint-Pierre, Chief Compliance Director

Paul Saint-Pierre, serves as the Chief Compliance Director of Bright Impact. He is also the principal advisor of PSP Advisors.
His professional experience features a consistent theme of alternative investment strategies, including: i) strategic advisory services, ii) investment analysis, placement, and secondary-market transactions of various investment funds, and iii) active principal in the design, creation and investment management of institutional quality, SEC-registered investment companies and business development companies and their subsequent launch through retail, RIA and mass-affluent investor channels.
He has held senior executive positions that include: Chief Financial Officer of corporate divisions, investment companies and business development companies; registered representative of registered investment advisors featuring alternative investment strategies; investment banker for real estate-related businesses; US REIT sector investment analyst; registered principal of broker dealer firm that facilitated secondary-market transactions of securities issued by private equity real estate funds; portfolio manager and research director of a global real estate securities investment program; and principal advisor to institutional investors regarding real estate investment strategies.
He attended University of California, (Berkeley) Graduate School of Business where he earned a Masters degree in Business Administration MBA 1981.

Mike Zwickey, Legal Counsel

Mike serves as legal counsel of Bright Impact. In addition to his work with opportunity zones, Mike runs a successful solo practice where he has counseled a diverse array of business at each step of their journey; from business formation to complex litigation. As a small business owner himself, he understands that each client’s situation is unique and tailors his representation accordingly. Mike earned his Juris Doctor degree from William Mitchell College of Law and his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Russian Language from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

Peter Wright, Chief Technology Officer

Peter is BrightImpact’s launch CTO. London born, he has more than 30 years experience in software development as developer, solution architect and leader.

Peter’s skill and expertise has taken him all over the world, working with some of the biggest and most recognizable brands today including Enron, American Express, Credit Suisse, Accenture, and Avanade. He lead the charge into the social media phenomenon developing and launching the world’s first social media marketing platforms PayPerPost.com and SocialSpark.com transforming their owner, Izea, from a small startup into a publicly traded company in 2011. Most recently he lead the development of Modernmeal.com, a revolutionary meal planning and nutritional analysis platform for personal chefs and health coaches.

He has written more than a dozen books on software development, selling in excess of half a million copies worldwide and on 4 continents. He is a recognized expert in both agile software development techniques, as well as web and mobile application development and is a regular guest speaker at industry events. He lives in Orlando with his wife and children, a husky, a dalmation, and a cat called Harley.

Clayton Louis Ferrara, Director of Impact

Clayton Louis Ferrara is the Director of Impact for Bright Impact. He is also the Executive Director of the United Nations Accredited NGO, IDEAS For Us. He is a classically trained biologist and world traveler who has conducted research on five continents concerning evolution, conservation, and ecology. His work as leader of IDEAS focuses on advancing sustainability through the creation of solutions that help people, heal the planet, and grow prosperity in communities around the world. He serves on the boards of numerous environmental and humanitarian nonprofits and belongs to many societies (some secret) that bring him to interact with world leaders such as Pope Francis and the descendants of Charles Darwin.

In his early 20’s he compiled the largest collection of specimens in West Orange County, Florida to build a Natural History museum full of pinned insects, articulated skeletons, pressed plants, displays, trail signs, and interactive educational programs on the 128 acre site. By his early 30’s, he successfully helped launch 30+ nonprofit organizations as the CEO of Protégé Nonprofit Solutions.

Today, Clay is a handpicked member of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s GreenWorks task force, a member of the Development Advisory Board for Orange County Florida, a member of the Central Florida Advisory Board to Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, and a frequent lecturer at the world’s most respected academic institutions, United Nations, World Bank, and IMF events. He was born in Chile and currently lives in Winter Park, Florida. He loves turtles, tortoises, and terrapins.

Christina Fleming, Director of Communications

Christina is the Director of Communications and Client Relations of Bright Impact. She has a prodigious reputation for intuitive customer satisfaction and developing respectful partnerships. She is a graduate from the University of Central Florida, where she received a degree in Human Communications and Mass Communications. Christina has been enhancing her skills in marketing and public relations, where she stays on top of rapidly changing trends in consumer behavior and expectations, marketing techniques, creative copy and design. Christina serves as a leader by creating space for mindfulness within organizations and her local community.

Michael McLeod, Director of Product Design

At Bright Impact, Michael serves as the Director of Product Design. With a background in education, research design, and music – Michael’s inexplicable path to design resulted from years of trying to synthesize a career leveraging his knowledge of Victorian-era poetry, data analysis, and clarinet studies. Following a five year tenure as an English teacher, Michael pursued a career in user experience design. Passionate about intersecting intuitive designs with stunning aesthetics, he holds usability heuristics in higher regard than The Federalist Papers.
Michael is a graduate from the University of Central Florida, with a B.A. in English Literature, and is currently enrolled in their M.A. in Political Science program. Believing good design to be a result of creativity and sound research, Michael utilizes this education to help inform his design process. From daily hurdles to global issues, he is passionate about shaping digital products into experiences that solve meaningful problems.
Michael has applied his knowledge of UX design to several industries, writing on industry trends for such clients as Tomahawk Robotics, Music Ed Audio, and B+tB Salon. While he is a Certified Scrum Master, he thrives when collaborating with creative and funny people on day-to-day goals. Even with a near-prophetic ability to anticipate industry trends and how to navigate them – Michael frequently gets lost while driving, even when relying on GPS apps. Michael is also passionate about music from the 80’s, movies from the 90’s, and because he has not kept up with video games since 1996 –Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64.
*In Wario Stadium, if you jump left along the first ramp (not over it), you will skip over 2/3 of the track. You’re welcome.