Community Engagement Classification

Take a greater step towards being a Carnegie Foundation recognized university with Bright Impact.

Filing for Community Engagement Classification from the Carnegie Foundation requires specific information about your university. Bright Impact helps you gather answers to questions about faculty involvement, percentage of student involvement, and number of courses involved in service learning.

With Bright Impact you can also view community partners, project types, and community feedback through testimonials and press mentions. By utilizing our reflections tool you are now able to watch the unique learning process which takes place through service learning evolve as students write about their experiences within the community.

Track & Measure Impact

Non-Cash Donations GraphView specific details about the impact your campus makes on the community with easy to read graphs and charts. Watch your impact grow over time and identify key moments of impact.

View Courses

My CoursesView all service learning courses at your university in one location. Reporting course and department based impact statistics is easy and accurate. Our impact dashboards are accurate on all levels of your school.