New Year, New Service-Learning Projects

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As we all slowly but surely head back into the classroom or workplace this week we should also be planning out what our next moves for this year will be.

If you are teaching or participating in a service-learning course this next list of potential service-learning projects will help you narrow down a project that fits into your curriculum.

Here are our top picks for service projects in 2013:

–  Intergenerational Literacy Programs: This type of initiative links older students with elementary or middle school aged students in the community. This type of service-learning project not only encourages the growth of literary skills in younger students but it also serves as a way for high school to college aged students to learn the skills needed to become an influencer in the real world by practicing encouragement, mentoring, and accountability skills.

–  Spaghetti Dinner Nights: Although the concept of a spaghetti dinner night is not new students can repurpose this idea. These events can be held weekly or monthly at low cost and can benefit community centers, schools, families, or be made cause specific (i.e. American Red Cross, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Homeless Coalition). The challenge for students in this project is not only deciding how general or specific they make the cause but also how they will host, promote, price, and manage these events.

– Website Creation: Often times nonprofits are not always looking to raise funds, but how they will save funds instead. One large expense that students can help alleviate is web design and development. Nonprofits or local businesses are in need of regular maintenance and even complete creation. This service-learning experience will allow students to have hands-on work experience and also contribute to the growth of the local economy.

– Community Sporting Events: Sports management and marketing has boomed in colleges across the nation. It is time that students understand how they can motivate the community through sports. Holding community sporting events benefiting one or several community partners will give first hand experience in how to promote athletics, encourage physical activity, and event operations.

We want to know what service-learning projects you are participating in this year! Let us know your project themes and ideas below in the comments.


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