Feature Update: Live Chat

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 | 0 comments

Bright Impact has made managing service learning projects simpler for students by providing multiple project management tools.

Some of these tools include group discussion forums, file sharing, and calendar style planning tools. Bright Impact is now making group work easier for students by launching our new live chat feature!

Students will be able to have private chats, one-on-one, with another group member. So now when you are up late at night and have a question about a project – just check who is online!

Individual Chat

Students will now be able to hold group meetings despite distance between group members through live chat, as well. Our new live chat also enables group members to create chat rooms and shows you a list of users online currently. To create and access chat rooms, click on the icon that resembles a group of people. Chat rooms also offer optional password protection.

Group Chat


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