Feature Update: Impact Journal

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We’ve done it again! Bright Impact released our new Impact Journal feature!

The impact journal allows students to view their service learning impact in a journal format. Currently group impact is added to each group member’s journal along with individual types of impact such as reflections that have been marked as individual.

 Students and instructors will also be able to filter their Impact Journals in order to see a specific type of impact, one or a select few group members, impact made during a certain time frame, and more. You can also search through your journal for specific keywords related to your project to find past impact.

Do you want to hide something from your impact journal? Maybe delete an incorrect entry? You can hover over the small tab in the top right corner of each journal entry and choose between Hide and Delete. If you choose Hide the impact will be hidden from your impact journal but not deleted.

Here’s how you can make your impact journal stand out:

1) Upload photos with your impact. When you upload photos with impact they will appear in your impact journal as well creating a fun and detailed look.

2) Use titles and descriptions every time you log impact. The impact journal will become the story of your service learning experience when you fill in all the fields associated with your impact.

3) Upload any files you have that relates to your impact. If you created a fundraiser flyer, scanned a newspaper clipping, or have a link to an article online add it into your impact log to keep you organized.


The impact journal creates a much more interactive and personal experience with your service-learning project. You can view your own personal impact journal by clicking on ‘My Impact’ in the top navigation menu.

We are working on enhancing the impact journal as we speak. Eventually you will be able to generate custom reports straight from your impact journal making turning in reflections a breeze and even serving as a portfolio to show community involvement during interviews.


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