8 Great Super Bowl Party Fundraisers

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With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday I thought I would share a few ways to turn your average Super Bowl Party into a service-learning fundraiser fit for everyone.

Food is undoubtedly the second most important part of a Super Bowl party next to a big screen TV. So why not make fundraisers out of food?

           Men love a good bowl of chili and everyone loves a good chili cook-off. Set up a friendly chili cook-off between your friends with a nominal entry fee and the title of “Chili Champion 2013” for the winner.

Photo Courtesy of 1 Cup Awesome

            Ladies love to bake and with Pinterest providing us with countless unbelievable recipes, the Super Bowl seems like the best time of year for a bake-off. Girls, grab your mixing bowls and spatulas and prepare to take the title of Pastry Princess.

            If you and your friends are always playing with your food, a food sculpture contest is right up your alley. For inspiration do an image search for “Super Bowl food” and you will find lots of creations like this one:


            Got a crowd of big eaters coming your way? Have an eating competition! Chicken wings, pizza slices, bowls of salsa, or anything you can imagine can provide some entertainment during half time.

Okay, I know we can’t eat our way through the Super Bowl so here are some less filling ideas:

            Have a raffle. You can raffle off anything from t-shirts to gift cards. Anyone who wants to participate can make a donation of their choice or you can set a minimum donation limit.

            Ask your guests what they think the final score will be, who ever guesses correctly or within the closest range can receive a prize or just bragging rights. However, they must donate to participate.

            Host a craziest fan contest. Party-goers should dress up to show their team pride and in order to be in the contest provide a small donation.

These are all lots of fun, but if you are already over your head in party planning duties you can always send out a message to all your invitees letting them know that you will be collecting donations at the party to benefit your community partner.

 Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


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