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Bright Impact delivers the ability for school administrators, service learning program directors, instructors, and students to manage their Service Learning initiatives and measure their impact. Bright Impact offers all the tools needed to effectively and efficiently work within groups towards a Service Learning goal. Advanced graphing technology and enhanced search and sort tools make tracking impact easy.

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Bright Impact enables you to…

Measure & Track ImpactMeasure & Track Impact

Student ReflectionsView Student Reflections

Courses & GroupsAccess Courses & Groups

Bright MomentsShare Bright Moments

Discussions & ChatCommunicate on your time

Tasks & EventsImprove Project Planning

File ManagementEnhance File Management

Gather FeedbackGather & Share Feedback

Form Groups
& Collaborate

Group calendar and task lists help students plan ahead and keep track of upcoming deadlines. Live chat and discussion boards allow students to communicate freely on their own schedule. File sharing lets students easily edit, share, and view each other’s files, improving collaboration and communication.

Live Chat & DiscussionsLive Chat
& Discussions

Calendar & Task ListsCalendar
& Task Lists

File Sharing & EditingFile Sharing
& Editing

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Track Service Learning Impact

Students can log a variety of impact including volunteer hours, number of people and/or animals helped, donations, and much more. Administrators, instructors, and students can easily measure and track impact with enhanced search and sort tools, as well as, advanced graphing technology.

Measure & TrackMeasure
& Track

Search & SortSearch
& Sort

View Student ReflectionsView Student Reflections

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Manage Impact Goals

Goals can be created in Bright Impact to help you monitor and track various types of impact you want to achieve. Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Only one goal can be created per impact type. As impact is logged by your group throughout the website, your goal meter will show your progress. Objectives can be added to goals that can be achieved when a target impact is reached, all tasks are completed or both.

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View Bright Moments

Students can share feel good moments and positive experiences their group helped make happen by logging Bright Moments. Administrators, instructors, and students can easily find and view student group Bright Moments. Students can include images, videos, links and file attachments with their Bright Moments.

View Feel Good MomentsView Feel Good Moments

Add Pics, Video & MoreAdd Pics, Video & More

Search & Sort EasilySearch & Sort Easily

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What is Bright Impact

Bright Impact is a software that enables students and educators involved in Service Learning to increase their productivity and measure their impact.

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Once on Bright Impact student groups will have access to a variety of project management tools including group discussion boards, task lists, calendars, file sharing, and more.

As a student group’s project progresses the group members have the ability to log various types of impact and feedback, as well as, reflect on how their experiences tie to course learning objectives.


Fantastic program! Extremely useful to both students & instructors.
Robert Schoenfeld Service Learning Author

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Learn About Bright Impact

Bright Impact is a software that was created to help educators and students manage their Service Learning initiatives and measure their impact.

Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire, motivate, and improve productivity for all of those involved in Service Learning. We also commit ourselves to being the best solution to measure the impact that Service Learning has on students, communities, and the world we live in. Together, we can help grow the Service Learning movement and make this world a better place, one Service Learning project at a time.

Improve Communication & Productivity

Once on Bright Impact, student groups have access to a variety of project management tools that improve accountability, communication, and organization. These features include:

Group Discussion Boards Group Discussion Boards

Task Lists Task Lists

Calendar & Events Calendar & Events

Real Time Communication & Chat Real Time Communication & Chat

File Management File Management

Email Notifications & Reminders Email Notifications & Reminders

Track & Measure Impact, Feedback & Reflections

As a student group’s project progresses, the group members have the ability to log various types of impact and feedback, as well as, reflect on how their experiences tie to course learning objectives.

Examples of impact students are able to log and track through Bright Impact include:

Volunteer Hours Volunteer Hours

Financial Donations Financial Donations

Non-Cash Donations Non-Cash Donations

Animals Helped Animals Helped

People Helped People Helped

Testimonials Testimonials

Press Mentions Press Mentions

Bright Moments Bright Moments

Student Reflections Student Reflections

Impact can then be viewed in a table or dashboard view by students, Service Learning directors, and instructors. Below you will see an example of the “non-cash donations” graph that depicts the various types of non-cash donations logged by a particular class over the course of several weeks.

Non-Cash Donations Graph

Depending on the level of access you have been granted within Bright Impact, you can see the activity and impact generated at a school, department, course, section, group, and more. This “Patent-pending” impact tracking technology is extremely beneficial, whether you’re a student looking to present your Service Learning project’s performance in class, or a university president looking to share your university’s impact on their community with the press.Learn how Bright Impact works.

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